Antas home sealants series " French A+ Certification" camp adds a new members!

30 / 12 / 2021

Antas home sealants series
Good news! 
Antas sealants of home fit out & retrofitting series " French A+ certification" camp adds a new members!

Two kitchen silicone sealants in the antas home fit out & retrofitting series: antas 636 anti-mold bathroom sealant and antas 635 environmental protection nail free adhesive have obtained the highest level of environmental protection "French A+ certification"!  At the same time, it also passed the CPC certification of SGS and obtained the qualification to use the SGS logo in 2020.

But what is the French A+ certification? after 28 days of continuous testing, who can pass the certification?

"French A+ certification" is a mandatory environmental label for indoor buildings to enter the French market.
According to the technical regulations of the international standard ISO-16000 indoor air, the indoor environment where people live is simulated, and the air quality in the painted space is measured by professional precision instruments for 28 days. According to the concentration of total volatile organic compounds in the air and other ten The concentration of a common organic compound that is harmful to the human body is rated for the product, and the rating has four levels: A+, A, B, and C. Among them, the highest environmental protection level is A+.

Jointas R&D team have continued to develop new products and submit to test of 28 days. After 28 days of rigorous testing, passed the exam! Let’s see what they are?
  • Antas 652 construction adhesive for cement board

All 3 products have passed French A+ certification!

In the laboratory of the international authoritative organization SGS, antas home improvement products are placed in an aging box. Engineers check the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the air every day. After 28 days, the data will be sorted and comprehensively graded.

How about the products performance?
Is there formaldehyde? No formaldehyde detected!
Is there acetaldehyde? No acetaldehyde detected!
Is there triphenyl (benzene/toluene/xylene)? No detected!

What about TVOC?
Antas 651 epoxy grout sealer 46.1μg/m³
Antas 622 Multi-purpose acrylic gap sealant 18.2μg/m³
Antas Special Construction Adhesive for Ceramic Slabs 22.9μg/m³
Much smaller than the highest level A+, TVOC requires a standard of <1000μg/m³! ‍

Antas-651 Grout sealant→France A+
Antas-622 Multipurpose acrylic gap filler→France A+
Antas-652 construction adhesive for cement board→France A+

Antas is committed to building "French A+" full range of products. There are currently 5 products that have obtained the certification

The sea of ​​learning is boundless, Antas will continue to work hard. Strive for good products and good service! ‍Contact us