Talent Concept

Always adhere to the "people-oriented" , Guangzhou Jitai Chemical Co., Ltd.'s talentphilosophy is respect, encouragement, support, professionalism, and continuousgrowth. We strive to create a good atmosphere for talent growth , establish a talentdevelopment mechanism, provide systematic support, ensure resource input, and accelerate talent growth.

Talent Concept

Staff sustainable training and development

The company is comitted to creating a broad development platform for employees.Every Jitai person can achieve his own career development success through hard work. Jitai builds career development channels for employees according to different position systems.

Staff sustainable training and development


1) Pre-job training: induction training for newcomers
The annual newcomer training not only helps new staff quickly integrate Jointas and grow quickly, but also inspire Jointas' outstanding employees to lead the younger generations with their own experience.It has been designed carefully, from corporate culture, product knowledge, communication skills, business etiquette, mentality changes and other curriculum, allowing students to quickly change their identities and integrate the new role for work.

2) Unique culture of "Inherit-Help-Lead"
In order to promote the sustainable development of employees, Jointas' training system is not limited to the induction training for newcomers,but also runs through every stage of talent training and growth thereafter.From newcomer training, to backbone training,  elite training, as well as the daily "Inherit-Help-Lead" talent onboarding and leading system will play an important role in talent training. Jointas pays attention to learning war in war, summarizing theoretical knowledge from practice, and improving practical ability from theoretical knowledge. Knowledge and experience, upward power, and the secret of success are in the "Inherit-Help-Lead", passed on from generation to generation to help employees develop sustainably.

3) Professional training
Jointas has invested a lot in staff training, and established a training insititude.The training adopts perennial institutionalized management. Through internal recruitment, external recruitment and delivery training, all the employees of Jointas are provided with systematic training of products, technologies, operations, quality system, marketing, management and other aspects.

4) Career development training
Senior management training, middle management training, and reserve cadre training.

5) Others
Jointas employee development channel
Jointas employee development channel

In order to effectively help employees grow and develop, Jointas has established a comprehensive career development system, and set up multiple career promotion channels according to the characteristics of different professional groups, covering employees in various fields and professions, including: marketing channels, management channels, and administration channels, professional/technical/R&D channels, quality system channels, etc. At the same time, employees can also achieve "horizontal development" among different channels according to their own conditions.   

Management development channel:
  • Primary manager
  • Senior manager
  • Director
Technology development channel:
  • Assistant engineer
  • Primary engineer
  • Senior engineer
Distributor development channel:
  • Primary distributor
  • Country distributor
  • Exclusive agent
Sales development channel:
  • City manager
  • Provincial manager
  • Regional manager