Bathroom sealant | What is sealant?

08 / 12 / 2021

Bathroom sealant | What is sealant?
Sealant is the most easily overlooked blind area of decoration
If you have installed doors, windows or toilets in your home, you may find that the decoration master will apply a layer of glue to the connection between doors, windows or toilets and walls or floor tiles. This thing is what we want to talk to you about today.
Sealant, as the name suggests, is a kind of sealing material with certain adhesion. It can deform with the shape of the object surface and is not easy to flow. Sealant is usually used to fill the configuration gap to seal. Therefore, the sealant has the functions of anti leakage, waterproof, anti vibration, sound insulation and heat insulation. Therefore, although the sealant is insignificant, it is very important for decoration. A good sealant must have both flexibility and adhesion.
Let's start with flexibility. There are many factors affecting flexibility. Generally speaking, there are four factors:
Weather resistance: it can maintain its effectiveness without "cracking" under tension and compression in any bad weather or even extreme environment.
Elongation: percentage increase in length relative to sealing collagen.
Displacement capacity: the amount of tension and / or compression that the sealant can withstand relative to the original joint width.
Tensile strength and strain: the resistance and range that the sealant can withstand with the temperature adaptation, shrinkage or deformation of the base material.
For adhesion, the key consideration is adhesion strength and tear resistance. The former is used to measure the adhesive ability of sealant to substrate, and the latter is the ability to resist mechanical damage of reaction joint.
Other key properties such as curing time, wear resistance, surface drying time, UV resistance, water immersion resistance and solvent corrosion resistance will affect the quality of sealant.

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