Made in China goes to the world, Antas Sealant Was Used In The Tallest Building In East Africa

21 / 02 / 2022

Made in China goes to the world, Antas Sealant Was Used In The Tallest Building In East Africa
The project is located in the business center area of ​​Addis Ababa, the capital, with a total construction area of ​​160,000 square meters, a tower height of 209 meters, a main building height of 194 meters, and a facade decoration component height of 206 meters. The third tallest building in Africa. The building integrates functions such as banks, conferences, high-end office buildings, catering, and shopping, and will provide strong momentum for the economic development of the Ethiopian region.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia New Headquarter
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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China is Ethiopia's largest trading partner. According to the data in 2014, China aided in the construction of 90% of Ethiopia's roads, the national communication network, the first wind farm, the first light rail in Africa, and the first electrified railway in East Africa, etc. Mixin and China and Egypt have contributed to the mutual benefit and win-win situation.
The new headquarters building of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia is another important project aided by China. It not only provides engineering construction support for the bank, but also provides more development opportunities for local construction companies, engineers and students.

The project was designed by Germany's HENN Architects. Inspired by the unique landforms, the "peaks" reflect the sky, and the "valleys" reflect the earth, creating the most eye-catching urban landmark for Ethiopia.
The main tower structure of the project has 5,208 tower curtain wall panels, which form a "diamond coat" with ever-changing internal and external inclination angles, which also makes the angle and size of each curtain wall patchwork and different.

The project started in July 2015, topped out in November 2018, and completed in February 2022. After more than 6 years of construction, great efforts and painstaking efforts have been devoted to the staff from both China and Egypt.

Zhao Wenjian, executive general manager of China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. said, "The project faced unfavorable factors such as the new crown epidemic and the unstable situation in Ethiopia during the construction process. China State Construction overcame difficulties, completed the task with quality and quantity, and won the recognition of the owner. In addition, the project construction It has provided more than 3,000 local jobs and has become a friendly link between the two countries."

Antas was the only sealant brand for the project.
The construction of the new headquarters building is of great significance to the developer Ethiopian Commercial Bank. Long before selecting material suppliers, adhering to the principle of excellence, representatives of the developer have come to China many times to investigate from various aspects and finally determine the sealant material supplier.
On January 28, 2019, a delegation composed of representatives of developers and leaders of China Construction Eighth Bureau, Jinyue Curtain Wall, and OEC New Concept Consulting Company came to Jitai. It was the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, and the company had already started a holiday.
The sales and R&D teams stuck to their posts and warmly received the delegation. Accompanied by Zou Zhenmei, Assistant General Manager of Jitai, Lin Kunhua, Senior Researcher, Duan Yabing, General Manager of Curtain Wall Adhesive, Zhang Ting, General Manager of Shenzhen Office of Curtain Wall Adhesive, Bo Jianliang, Manager of Foreign Trade Department, etc., the delegation visited the exhibition hall and laboratory of Jitai headquarters , understand the company's development history.

The delegation spoke highly of this exchange activity, "It is satisfied! (This is very satisfying!)" Said Yared, the representative of the developer.

In the end, Antas sealant stood out from many domestic and foreign suppliers with its excellent and stable product performance and perfect service, and became the only sealant brand that helped the new headquarters building of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank.

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