Potting Compound | What is potting glue?

29 / 06 / 2022

Potting Compound | What is potting glue?
We are not unfamiliar with potting glue, because we will use various glues in our life or work. The potting glue can be used in the construction industry, but today we are going to talk about the potting glue used in the electronics industry. . ​​
Potting is to pour the liquid polyurethane compound into the device equipped with electronic components and circuits by mechanical or manual methods, and solidify it into a thermosetting polymer insulating material with excellent performance under normal temperature or heating conditions. ​​
Potting glue is also called electronic glue, and its main functions are bonding, sealing, potting, coating, etc. Therefore, the electronic and electrical components can be protected from moisture, dust, corrosion and shock, and improve the performance and stability parameters. Moreover, it is liquid before vulcanization, which is easy to perfuse and easy to use.

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