Waterproof Wall Paint | Is waterproof paint reliable?

01 / 08 / 2022

Waterproof Wall Paint | Is waterproof paint reliable?
Popular science: Waterproof paint refers to paint with waterproof function, which is often used in kitchens and bathrooms, and is also called kitchen and bathroom paint in some places. Regular waterproof paint products will not have problems for at least five to ten years. Even if there are any problems, they can be solved after sales (but note that this refers to regular big-name products, which are guaranteed after sales).
Note: Kitchen and bathroom waterproof paints are generally semi-matte or velvet texture, make no mistake. In addition, the base layer of the wall should be well treated, and the putty should be made of high-quality water-resistant putty.
Advantages of waterproof paint
Beautiful: You can paint the kitchen and bathroom into the color you want according to your own preferences and style, which is more malleable than ceramic tiles;
Save money: In the case of the same area, waterproof paint is much cheaper than ceramic tiles.
Disadvantages of waterproof paint
Anti-fouling effect: Families who really like to stir fry will have higher requirements on wall materials because of the heavy fumes. It is not only water-resistant and oil-resistant, but also easy to clean. In contrast, ceramic tiles are more reliable than waterproof paint;
Waterproofing effect: If your dry and wet separation is done well, it doesn't matter. If the dry and wet separation is not in place, it is also a test for waterproof paint. In contrast, uncle thinks that it is still safe to use ceramic tiles.

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