What is acrylic sealant

23 / 03 / 2022

What is acrylic sealant
Acrylic sealant
Acrylic Structural Adhesive is an extremely sticky adhesive that plays an important role where structural reinforcement is required. This is a very practical structural adhesive. If you are not clear about the operating skills and characteristics of acrylic structural adhesives, the following will introduce the characteristics of acrylic structural adhesives.

1. Two-component, solvent-free, low odor, repairable, high strength;
2. It has good moisture resistance, aging resistance, vibration resistance, thermal shock resistance, weather resistance and other properties;
3. Good adhesion to metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials, and no corrosion;
4. It has the characteristics of high shear, high peeling and good thixotropy;
5. Wide working temperature range;
6. Acrylic structural adhesive is easy to operate, and can be double-stepped with curing agent to cure quickly.