What is the difference between anti corrosion paint and anti-rust paint?

22 / 11 / 2022

What is the difference between anti corrosion paint and anti-rust paint?
1. The difference between anti corrosion paint and anti-rust paint
(1) Anti-rust paint and anti-corrosion paint are distinguished in terms of function. The use of anti-rust paint is relatively simple, and it is only for steel structure anti-corrosion
Rust paint, and anti-corrosion paint, including all the functions of anti-rust paint, the functionality of the use will be stronger, and it also provides adaptability to different environments
Anti-corrosion function.

2. What is anti-rust paint
(1) Anti-rust paint is a product that can protect the metal surface from chemical or electrochemical corrosion of the atmosphere, sea water, etc. It is mainly divided into two categories: physical and chemical anti-rust paint, each of which is It has strong functionality.

(2) The former relies on the combination of pigments and paints to form a dense paint film to prevent the intrusion of corrosive substances, such as iron red, aluminum powder, graphite antirust paint, etc.; the latter depends on the chemical properties of antirust pigments Antirust effect, such as red lead, zinc yellow antirust paint, etc. Anti-rust for dry bridges, ships, pipes and other metals.

3. What is anti-corrosion paint
(1) The composition of anti-corrosion paint is mostly a coating composed of various paint combinations, which has excellent anti-corrosion effects on acid-base, salt zero, high temperature, and outdoor environments. The application range includes bridges, machinery, steel structures, etc. kind of field.

(2) For example, outdoor weather-resistant anti-corrosion paint for steel structure bridges and iron towers, outdoor weather-resistant decorative anti-corrosion paint for urban landmarks, acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosion paint for chemical factories, and high-temperature resistant anti-corrosion paint for boiler industry