What is the difference between structural sealants and weathering sealants?

13 / 09 / 2022

What is the difference between structural sealants and weathering sealants?
1. Different functions.
The main difference is that the structural sealant is load-bearing and needs to transmit the external and internal forces of the bonded materials for bonding between glass, window frames, stone and other components. The weather-resistant sealant does not bear the load and mainly plays the role of sealing. It is used for sealing between components to achieve the purpose of waterproofing. Note: Weather resistant sealant has good adhesion, even if it is not structural, it can bear a certain load, and the transmission load cannot be considered.

2. Different prices.
The price of structural adhesive is higher than that of the same grade of weathering adhesive. Structural adhesives not only have the properties of weathering adhesives, but also have stronger bonding properties than weathering adhesives.

3. Different uses
Structural silica gel: mainly used for component reinforcement, anchoring, bonding, repairing, etc.; such as bonding steel bars, bonding carbon fibers, planting reinforcement reinforcement, crack reinforcement, sealing, hole filling, road stud sticking, surface protection, concrete bonding Wait. Weather-resistant silicone: used for weather-resistant sealing of various glass curtain walls; used for weather-resistant sealing of metal (aluminum sheet) and enamel curtain walls and ceilings for roof construction joints.

4. Different properties
Structural silicone sealants are divided into two-component and one-component, while weather-resistant silicone sealants have only one component. Structural adhesives have strong tear resistance, elongation at break, and tensile strength; while weather-resistant adhesives are resistant to UV rays, snow, and acid rain.

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