What kind of paint is used to decorate the house | house paint manufacturer

29 / 12 / 2021

What kind of paint is used to decorate the house | house paint manufacturer
Wood lacquer: Wood lacquer can be divided into three categories according to the gloss: matte, semi-matte, and high-gloss. It is mostly used on floors and furniture. Relatively speaking, wood lacquer is easy to apply, and is not prone to problems such as bubbles. It not only has excellent water resistance, but also prevents rust. At the same time, its pollution is very small, and it can be regarded as an environmentally friendly home improvement paint material. However, it also has a disadvantage, that is, it is low in hardness and will leave traces if it is scratched.
Latex paint: Latex paint is a water-dispersible home improvement paint material. It uses synthetic resin as the base material. It has fast drying speed, good alkali resistance, hard paint film, smooth surface, and strong decorative effect. In addition, latex paint has a strong color adhesion function, which is great for painting walls or ceilings.
Exterior wall paint: As the name suggests, exterior wall paint is a home improvement paint material used on exterior walls, but it can sometimes be used in bathrooms because of its strong waterproof performance, anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties.
Fire-retardant paint: Fire-retardant paint is a kind of flame-retardant paint, the main components of which are film-forming agent, flame-retardant and foaming agent. Using it in home decoration can reduce fire hazards and protect family property. There are three important types of paints and coatings: decorative fire-resistant paint, wood fire-resistant paint and steel structure fire-resistant paint.
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