Antas-133 Waterproof Butyl Rubber Sealant

Antas-133 butyl rubber sealant is one-component, solvent evaporation curing butyl waterproof and butyl rubber exterior caulking sealant. It shows excellent adhesion property to lots of substrates including concrete, metal, marble, wood, plastic, plastic steel, etc.
Product feature
  1. Plastic colloid formed after curing, excellent flexibility and resistance to displacement.
  2. Water-insoluble, can be used in rainy season.
  3. Feasibility of surface coating.
  4. Static-free.
Main purpose
  1. Sealing the joints between window frame and wall.
  2. Sealing the joints and waterproof between sunshade and wall.
  3. Sealing and caulking the expansion joints of roof and wall.
Technical parameters
No. Test items Technical index Test result
1 Density, g/cm3 Specified value ±0.1 1.36
2 Sagging ≤3 0
3 Tack free time, h ≤3 8
4 Nonvolatile content, % ≥60 82.4
5 Peeling strength, N/mm ≥0.4 4.3
6 Low temperature flexibility, ℃ -10 No cracking, delamination and adhesive failure
7 VOCs, g/L ≤750 410
Use restrictions
  1. For structural bonding.
  2. When substrate surface temperature beyond 50º C or below 5º C.
  3. To ensure the sealing and caulking effect, twice execution is necessary when the width beyond 20mm or depth beyond 10mm, meanwhile not to remain any cavity.
  4. Color turning yellow or deep after execution is a normal phenomenon which will not affect the properties.
  5. Width should be considered according to the 20% volume shrinkage caused by solution evaporation.