Antas-179W Sealant for PV Modules

Model : 179W
Packaging : 400ml/sausage 600ml/sausage
Brand : antas
Supply Ability : OEM&ODM
Place : Guanzhou, China

One-component room temperature curing solar panel silicone sealant,  low odor, solvent free ,UL 94-HB certified.It has excellent adhesion to aluminum, glass, PC, TPE/PET and other materials. excellent weather resistance, excellent performance in insulation, thermal cycle, wet heat, wet freeze etc.
Product feature
1.One component room temperature curing solar panel silicone sealant, which has no corrosion to the most materials.
2.Low odor and no solvent.
3.Good adhesion to most materials,such as aluminum, glass,PC,PET/TPE,etc.
4.General use temperature range from -40 ℃ to 200.
5.It also has excellent properties of heat resistance, cold & hot alternating resistance, aging resistance, and electrical insulation, moisture resistance, corona resistance, leakage resistance, etc.

Main purpose
1.For solar module border, solar panel frame, PV glass waterproof and sealing.
2.Adhesive and sealing of solar module junction box. 
3.Adhesive and sealing of metal brackets and glass for TPT/TPE thin film and 
thin-film solar cells.
Standards compliant
GB/T 7124
GB/T 528
GB/T 531

*GB: Chinese National Standard
Technical parameters
Before the
Appearance white paste
tackfree timemin ≤10
extrudabilityg/s25 5~11
Completely cure time(d) 37
After the
Relative densityg/cm3 1.401.45
Tensile strength (MPa) 2.5
Break elongation% 500
Shear strengthMPa 2.0
Hardness(Shore A) 4555
The general use of temperature range () -60200
Volume resistivityΩ·㎝) ≥1×1014
Dielectric strength (kV/·mm) ≥14