Antas-186 Acetoxy Silicone Sealant Transparent

Antas-186 is an one component, acetic curing silicone sealant. It cures by absorption of atmospheric moisture to form a flexible and durable elastomeric sealant. It can be widely used for windows, doors, glass, aquariums.
Product feature
  1. Acetic fast cure and ready to use
  2. Low modulus and high elasticity
  3. Good resistance to water, ultraviolet, ozone, and heat
  4. Keep stable performance under water immersion
Main purpose
  1. Window glazing
  2. Bathroom sealing
  3. Aquarium sealing
  4. Other universal sealing applications
Standards compliant
GB/T 14683-2017
ASTM C 920-18
Technical parameters
Number Test items Standard Ordain Test results
1 Appearance Smooth, uniform paste, without bubbles, skinning or gels. Smooth, uniform paste, without bubbles, skinning or gels.
2 Density, g/cm³ Specified value±0.1
3 Sag degree, mm Vertical ≤3 0
4 Tack-free time, h ≤3 0.7
5 Extrudability, ml/min 150 846
6 Elastic recovery rate,% ≥80 95
7 tensile modulus 23℃ 0.4 0.3
-20℃ 0.6 0.3
8 Adhesion property at maintained extension No destruction No destruction
9 Adhesion property at maintained extension after water immersion No destruction No destruction
10 Tensile properties at maintained extension after cold drawn and hot press No destruction No destruction
11 Adhesion property at maintained extension after exposure to UV light No destruction No destruction
12 Loss of mass, % ≤8 4
Use restrictions
  1. For structural bonding.
  2. On the surface of substrate that bleeds oil, plasticizer or solvent and so on (such as impregnated wood).
  3. In totally confined spaces.
  4. When substrate surface temperature beyond 40 or below 5. 
  5. If the sealant is intended to paint
  6. On mirrors
  7. On coated or laminated glass or other easily being corroded surface
  8. To cerement, metal, stone (because the by-product of antas-186 reacts such materials and results in adhesion performance).
  9. Surface in direct contact with food.
  10. For anti-fire application of indoor punch-sealing system
  11. For sealing and jointing Polycarbonate plates, the adhesion test must be done before sealant application.