Antas-218 PU Expanding Spray Foam Insulation Sound Gap Filler for Windows and Doors

Packaging : 750mL

Antas-218 window and door spray foam is one-component, multi-purpose and moisture-curing spay polyurethane foam. It can be widely used in filling cavities, cracks, gaps and in insulation in sendwich panels and wood walls etc. with ideal performance of noise and heat isolation, bonding, waterproofing and etc. The cured products are of good elasticity, high fitness and non-toxic. It can be cut sprayed and shaped arbitrarily.
Product feature
  1. One-component, room temperature and moisture curing
  2. The product is stable after construction, and the secondary expansion is small.
  3. Excellent adhesion to most building materials.
  4. Excellent performance in sound and heat insulation, bonding, waterproofing and etc.
  5. Cured foam can be cut, polished and painted.
Main purpose
  1. Filling gaps between window frames/doorframes and walls.
  2. Heat insulation in water-pipe network, sewerage and central heating.
  3. Mounting and insulating wall panels, corrugated plates, roof tiles, etc.
  4. Soundproofing and sealing of partition walls, cars and boat cabs
  5. Heat insulation of roof constructions
  6. Filling and sealing of gaps, joints, openings, cavities, insulation in sendwich panels and wood walls....
Standards compliant
JC/T 936-2004
Technical parameters
Technical Parameters  
No. Test items JC 936-2004 index
Stand Ordain
Test result  
1 Appearance Color Light yellow or milky Light yellow or milky  
Stomatal Uniform, compact,  
rich foam
Uniform, compact, 
rich foam
2 Density,  Kg/m³ ≥10 13  
3 Heat transmitting index, 35ºC, W/(m.k) ≤0.050 0.039  
4 Flammability grade B2 or B3 B3  
5 Tensile strength, kPa Aluminum panel Normal condition,7d ≥80 83  
7days water immersion ≥60 66  
PVC panel Normal condition,7d ≥80 91  
7days water immersion ≥60 72  
Cerement panel Normal condition ≥60 78  
6 Shear strength, kPa ≥80 116  
7 Measurement stability 
(23±2)ºC, 48h, %
Length ≤5 1%  
Width ≤5 1%  
Depth ≤5 2%  
8 Expansion ratio ( times) ≥(labeled data-10)
(the labeled data: 60)