Antas-615 Corner Angle Adhesive

Packaging : 600mL pair
Brand : antas

Antas-615 is a two-component, quick-curing polyurethane corner angle adhesive. It exhibits high strength, fast-curing, high hardness, excellent adhesion and etc. It is designed for fixing and sealing on systemic doors and windows corner. It has good adhesion to aluminum materials, stainless steel, galvanized steel and brass. And it also could be applied for adhesion on metal and wooden building.
Product feature
  1. High strength and hardness, fast curing
  2. Wide range of adhesion: excellent adhesion to aluminum alloy, stainless steel and steel
Main purpose
- use for window bonding and combination
Standards compliant
JC/T 2560-2020
Technical parameters
No. Test items Technical index Test result Individual decisions
1 Density, g/cm3 Specified value ±0.1 1.45 /
2 Sagging Vertical, mm ≤3 0 Qualified
3 Tack free time, h ≤3 40min Qualified
4 Application time, min ≥10 50 Qualified
5 Hardness, Shore D ≥60 70 Qualified
6 Shear strength 24h initial strength ≥2.0 2.4 Qualified
23℃ shear strength ≥3.0 5.2 Qualified
80℃ shear strength ≥2.0 8.8 Qualified
-20℃ shear strength ≥4.0 7.1 Qualified