antas-352FR Modified Silane Fireproof Sealant Enters The Australian Market

16 / 06 / 2022

antas-352FR Modified Silane Fireproof Sealant Enters The Australian Market
Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Australia Sydney Build, which was postponed for two years, was finally successfully held at the Sydney International Convention Center. This exhibition was held from June 1st to June 2nd. Jointas brought new product antas-352FR Modified Silane Fireproof Sealant appearing in the Australian market, many architects, developers and distributors from various related industries came to antas booth.

Since its inception, Sydney Build was very popular among local construction and building materials-related companies, there are always many professional buyers shuttling between booths every year. More than 500 enterprises from Australia, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, Canada and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition. During the period, more than 20 industry summits were held, and more than 400 industry experts gave speeches. The exhibits at this exhibition cover the latest and most complete product series in the construction industry, showing many emerging product application technologies.

Antas sealant officially entered the Australian market in 2018. After more than 4 years of development, antas sealant has won the high recognition and praise of many customers, laying a good foundation in the local market.

This exhibition is to further expand the popularity and influence of the "antas" brand and at the same time promote the new product - antas-352FR Modified Silane Fireproof Sealant to clients.

1. Excellent fireproof property

Antas-352FR has excellent fire resistance and is the first prefabricated fireproof sealant in China that meets the Australian standard AS-1530.4:2014.

2. Low modulus, High movement capacity
The mainstream silicone fireproof sealants on the market are generally high modulus and low movement capacity, which cannot meet the requirements of prefabricated building construction. Antas-352FR, a fireproof MS sealant with low modulus and high movement capacity, can just make up for this shortcoming and has passed the ISO-11600-25LM certification test.

3. Excellent surface coating adhesion
The surface of the antas-352FR modified silane fireproof sealant has good adhesion to coatings, which solves the problem that silicone fireproof sealant cannot be painted.

4. Environmetal-friendly
Antas-352FR is an environmental-friendly sealant, with low VOCs and low odor.

Prior to this exhibition, antas sealant also participated in two exhibitions in Vietnam, namely Vietbuilt in Hanoi from March 23 to 27, and Vietbuilt in Danang from May 18 to 22. Nearly 300 companies participated in the two exhibitions. Under the influence of the epidemic, the effect of the exhibition still exceeded expectations. Antas booth was crowded with people every day and collected many procurement needs of professional buyers.In addition, the next June 22 to 26, antas sealant will continue to participate in Vietbuilt in Ho Chi Minh City, and warmly welcome elites from various industries to visit and exchange.


Antas sealant has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and one-stop services. At present, antas sealant has established distribution service outlets in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, and other countries and regions. We sincerely invite all interested friends to join antas construction sealant, expand the overseas market together, and provide global customers with professional and customized sealant solutions.