Proportion of water-based epoxy primer How to use water-based epoxy anti-corrosion primer

19 / 05 / 2022

Proportion of water-based epoxy primer How to use water-based epoxy anti-corrosion primer
Water-based epoxy primer is indispensable in industrial coating, and water-based epoxy anti-corrosion paint can be used with many water-based anti-corrosion coatings. Applicable to a wide range, mainly used for anti-corrosion protection of steel structures, machinery, equipment, pipelines, steel frames, etc., suitable for moderate or severe industrial corrosive environments.
Water-based epoxy paint is based on water-based epoxy resin system, adding pigments, fillers and additives, and the paint made by a certain process is called water-based epoxy paint. The thinner of water-based epoxy paint is water, which is an environmentally friendly epoxy paint.
The ratio of water-based epoxy primer
The water-based epoxy primer is a two-component paint, with water as the diluent. It needs to be used in accordance with the ratio specified by the manufacturer. The ratio of the water-based epoxy primer of Shandong Bridge Coating is component A: component B = 5 : 1 (weight ratio), the ratio of paint is directly related to the effect of paint film, please use it according to the specified paint ratio.
Characteristics of water-based epoxy anti-corrosion low paint
Environmental protection coating, using water as diluent, very low VOC; good recoatability, strong interlayer adhesion, and more convenient construction; excellent physical, chemical, mechanical and other comprehensive properties of the coating; adhesion of the coating to wet substrates Good, good one-way air permeability; can be brushed, rolled, sprayed, and tools are easy to clean. There is no danger of explosion and fire during transportation and storage.
How to use water-based epoxy anti-corrosion primer
Before applying the water-based epoxy anti-corrosion primer, the substrate needs to be ground and polished until the metallic luster is exposed. In order to remove oil stains, oxide scale, etc. on the surface of the substrate. The treated substrate surface needs to be painted within 4 hours to avoid rusting again. The temperature during construction is about 5°C to 40°C. Use power tools or hand tools to fully stir evenly, and stir according to the mixing ratio of water-based epoxy primer of 5:1. The coating method can be airless spraying, air spraying, brushing and roller coating.