Anticorrosive Top Coating | What is the difference between a topcoat and a primer?

25 / 10 / 2022

Anticorrosive Top Coating | What is the difference between a topcoat and a primer?
1. The effect of topcoat and primer is different. The use of primer is the first process of painting the wall, mainly to increase the adhesion of the wall and bring plumpness. It has certain waterproof and anti-corrosion effect. The topcoat is the final effect. It is constructed on the basis of the primer, which can bring decorative effects and form different colors, and the selected pigment has a great relationship with the configuration process.

2, the composition of the two is different. The main components of the primer are resins, solvents, or some fillers, while the components of the topcoat and the primer are mainly the difference between the filler and little or no filler.

3. The construction site is different. One is applied directly to the wall and the other is applied directly to the surface. So one is as a backing, which plays a role as a foil and lays a good foundation. The main purpose of the topcoat is to protect the face, and the price it brings is also different. Because the ingredients are different and their uses are different, the price is high and low.

What are the common types of topcoats

1. If divided according to its performance, there is a topcoat with antibacterial effect, and the formed coating has the functions of water resistance and wear resistance. There is also an anti-fouling effect. If you draw a watercolor pen or pencil on the wall, you can easily remove it later. Or there are some oil stains, which can be removed cleanly after wetting them with a rag.

2. There is also a water-soluble wall paint. Its main medium is water. This water-soluble wall paint has outstanding environmental performance and is not particularly expensive.

3. However, when selling in the market, you should choose products with better quality. If it is an inferior product, it is easy to cause cracking and blistering on the wall in the later stage.

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