What is the difference between Water Based Primer Paint and paint?

26 / 10 / 2022

What is the difference between Water Based Primer Paint and paint?
(1) From the perspective of environmental protection, water-based paint has absolute
1. Environmental protection
Since the water-based primer uses water as the diluting solvent, the ultra-low VOC content (lower than the national mandatory standard of 200mg/L) is a truly non-toxic and tasteless high-tech environmental protection product. The paint uses organic solvents (banana water, day water) as diluents, and its products contain benzene, toluene, xylene and its derivatives, and polyester paints also use curing agents (including TDI), so polyester paints The toxicity of lacquer is high, and the toxicity of nitro lacquer is second.
2. Flammability
The water-based primer uses water instead of organic solvents, and its products are safe and non-flammable, which greatly reduces the risk factors in production and circulation. The paint contains benzene, xylene, acetone, solvent gasoline, Tianna water, etc., which are highly flammable items.
3. Stimulating smell
The water-based primer uses water instead of organic solvents, and its products will not produce any irritating odor when brushing. The paint contains organic solvents, which will volatilize into the air during the process of brushing and drying, directly stimulating the human body's sense organs.
4. Check-in time after painting
Because the water-based primer is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and safe, it can be moved in after painting. The paint will emit harmful gases during the drying process due to its organic solvents. Therefore, houses decorated with paint generally cannot be directly moved in after painting, and it takes a period of time.

(2) From the comparison of quality and performance, the overall performance is flat
1. Hardness
Due to the advanced water-based acrylic synthesis system, the water-based paint can reach the physical index of 2H when the paint film is completely dry; the ordinary polyurethane paint has added organic curing agent (TDI), so the paint of ordinary polyester paint The hardness of the film is high; while the nitro paint needs to be painted many times, and the hardness of the paint film is poor!
2. Feel
The effect of polyester paint on the feel and fullness of the paint film is good. The water-based paint adopts the technology of thin coating and "virtual texture", and the feel and fullness after painting have been greatly improved; and nitro The feel and fullness of the paint film are not very good.
3. Wear resistance, yellowing resistance and durability
The water-based paint adopts advanced film-forming technology to make the surface of the paint film hard, wear-resistant and flexible. It will not turn white due to collision, and it will not turn yellow. It is resistant to artificial aging for 800 hours and has long outdoor durability. However, the paint has the disadvantages of easy collision and whitening, easy yellowing, and unable to maintain the effect for a long time.

(3) Compared with construction, it is basically the same
1. Ease of construction
Water-based paint only needs to be diluted with water, without adding Tianna water or curing agent, which is easy to use directly; and paint needs to be added with Tianna water or related curing agent, and it must be in a fixed ratio. Therefore, during the construction process of paint, it is necessary to Professional guidance.
2. Coating waste, brushing times
After the water-based paint is used up, the remaining paint can be stored in a cool place for further preservation; while the paint is added with a curing agent, so it can only be used once, and the remaining paint will be wasted. In terms of the number of brushing times, four times of water-based paint can achieve the effect of seven or eight times of nitro paint.
3. Repairability
Wood furniture painted with water-based paint can be directly covered and painted when repairing; and wood furniture using paint, when repairing, you must first use sandpaper to polish off the old paint film before painting.

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