Common problems and solutions when using Potting Compound

25 / 10 / 2022

Common problems and solutions when using Potting Compound
1. What is the reason why the potting glue is soft after curing, which should be hard glue after curing?

The ratio of potting glue and curing agent is incorrect: if it is not proportioned according to the weight ratio or the deviation is large (there may be more or less curing agent)

2. Some glues are cured, and some glues are not cured or cured incompletely.

Uneven stirring and long storage time of glue A cause the filler to sink to the bottom, resulting in an unbalanced proportion. It is not stirred or evenly stirred before use.

3. There are air bubbles inside after potting. After curing, the surface is not smooth, uneven, and looks dull and dull.

One is that air bubbles are brought in during the glue mixing process or the glue filling process. During the glue mixing process, it is easy to bring air into the glue due to the high viscosity of the glue or the wrong stirring method. If the glue viscosity is large, the air bubbles are more difficult to eliminate. If the viscosity of the glue is small, and if the glue is slow to cure, the bubbles will slowly rise to the surface and automatically disappear. To eliminate bubbles in the process of dispensing and pouring, vacuuming, heating to reduce viscosity, adding diluent to reduce viscosity or adding defoamer can be used to eliminate bubbles.

The second is the bubbles generated during the curing process. There are several reasons for the generation of air bubbles during the curing process: too fast curing speed, high exothermic temperature, large curing shrinkage rate of glue, excessive amount of solvent and plasticizer in the glue, all of which are easy to generate bubbles during the curing process.

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