Construction Sealant | How To Choose The Right Sealant For Your Project?

13 / 10 / 2022

Construction Sealant | How To Choose The Right Sealant For Your Project?
Construction sealant is a paste-like building sealant composed of base rubber, filler, curing agent and other additives.
Construction silicone is cured into an elastic rubber material, which is bonded to the building substrate and plays the role of sealing, waterproof and leak-proof. It is mainly used for caulking and sealing of building joints.

Building silicone sealant can be divided into two categories according to their different functions: one is building structural sealants, and the other is non-structural sealants.
- Building Structural Sealant, also referred to as structural silicone sealant, is used to structurally bond and seal building panels such as glass when making curtain wall units. These panels are completely bonded to the frame by structural sealant, and there is no other fixed connection. Therefore, structural adhesives have strict requirements on strength and adhesion.

Construction silicone structural sealant can connect the main body of the building and the decorative glass plate into one. When the external environment changes, it can transfer the load caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of aluminum and glass to the main structure of the building. Therefore, silicone building sealants play an important role in the safety of glass curtain walls

If the adhesion between the construction adhesive sealant and the substrate fails to meet the safety standards for engineering applications, accidents such as panel slippage may occur in the glass curtain wall, which will seriously affect the use of the building.
Therefore, the detection of the adhesion between silicone construction sealants and substrates has received extensive attention in the detection of this construction adhesive, and it is also one of the necessary testing items for silicone construction sealants to be put into the market.

- Non-structural sealants are other building sealants other than structural adhesives.
The function of this type of construction adhesive is to seal the seams and not to structural bonding, therefore, there is no strict requirement for strength, as long as it can be well adhered to. It is enough to seal the substrate.

Due to the consideration of the influence of thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate on the expansion and contraction of the joint, the sealant must have good elasticity and displacement capacity.

1.What are the advantages of silicone construction sealants and their applications in construction?

Main Advantages of Construction Sealants

(1) Silicone sealant with good performance has strong anti-aging performance and can be exposed to ultraviolet, water, ozone and other environments for a long time;
(2) Silicone sealant with good performance can maintain elasticity in the environment of minus 40 ℃, and maintain the original performance when the ambient temperature reaches 150 ℃, neither sticking nor degrading;
(3) Silicone sealants with good performance have excellent adhesion to most building materials (such as glass, aluminum, and stone).

2.Application of Construction Sealants in Construction Industry

(1)Structural Bonding and Sealing

The main principle is: the adhesiveness of the sealant is used to bond the glass curtain wall to the building structure. This structural seal has extremely high requirements on the viscosity and anti-aging properties of the sealant.
Mainly used for structural or non-structural bonding assembly between metal and glass of glass curtain wall.
To connect the glass with the surface of the metal component to form a single assembly component, which meets the design requirements of the curtain wall of the fully hidden or semi-hidden frame.
Structural adhesive sealing of insulating glass.

(2) Weather-resistant Sealing (the most widely used application of silicone sealant in construction.)

The main principle is:
The anti-aging, water resistance and adhesive properties of silicone sealant are used to seal certain parts to protect internal metal parts from corrosion caused by water and gas; it can also be used for building insulation.
Weather-resistant sealing of various curtain walls, especially recommended for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls, and stone dry hanging;
Seam sealing between metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tile, plexiglass, coated glass
Joint sealing of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized and painted aluminum surfaces. Primer is not necessary in most cases.

(3) The durability of silicone sealant is good

Silicone sealant can also be used for glass assembly and sealing of building doors and windows. This kind of seal can generally be maintained for decades. antas-169-25 structural silicone sealant and antas-193-25 weather silicone sealant can achieve more than 25 years to improve your project’s service life.

(4) Anti-pollution construction joint sealant (like stone silicone sealant)

Stone sealant is a kind of caulking sealant mainly used for marble, granite and other porous, easily polluted and difficult to clean materials after pollution. It has good displacement ability (20%-50%), no pollution to porous materials, good weather resistance.
antas-195 stone sealant is specifically designed for weather resistant joint sealing in stone cladding and stone constructions

(5) Construction silicone can also be used for flame retardant and mildew resistance

such as antas-176 firestop sealant applying flame retardant sealants to protect buildings or certain structures from fire; using mildew-proof sealants for areas that require mildew resistance. Like antas-639 anti-mold sealant.

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