Complete Guide to Firestop Sealant

16 / 03 / 2022

Complete Guide to Firestop Sealant
What is firestop sealant?
Why is fire sealant fireproof?
What are the applications of fireproof sealants?
How to choose high-quality fire protection sealant?

What is firestop sealant?
Fireproof sealant is a kind of sealing material with dual performance of sealing and fireproof, that is, fireproof sealant not only has certain sealing performance, but also has certain fireproof performance. It is a measure-type fireproof material.
Fireplace sealant is generally tested by the vertical method, and is divided into three levels: FV-0, FV-1, and FV-2 according to the test effect from high to low. where FV-0 is the highest grade.

Fire proof sealant can be divided into elastic sealant and intumescent sealant according to different applications.
Elastic sealant: flexible fire sealant with a certain expansion ability (displacement ability). Elastic fireproof silicone is mainly used for fireproof sealing of building joints, (such as curtain wall gaps)
Intumescent fire sealant has the characteristics of volume expansion in case of heat. Intumescent fire caulk is mainly used for sealing through holes of single or small-sized bundled cables, and for filling gaps between cables so as to ensure the safety performance of the cables during use.

We mainly talk about fireproof sealants for construction in this article.
The most notable feature of fire sealant is its fire-resistant properties, which have a fire-resistant aging time of more than 3 hours. That is to say, within more than three hours, this fire proof sealant can ensure that the material used maintains a certain performance stability in a high temperature environment. At the same time, even in the state of being exposed to nuclear radiation, the fireproof silicone sealant can maintain its stable and normal fireproof function.

Taking house decoration as an example, in the construction process, after the construction of fireproof materials, it is necessary to use fireproof sealants to deal with small gaps, and different forms of sealants have different sealing mechanisms. The biggest feature of fireproof sealants is fireproof.

Why is fire sealant fireproof?
Fire-resistant silicone sealant contains a large amount of flame-retardant fillers, which take away a lot of heat during the combustion process and slow down the burning speed.
The material of fireproof sealant is incombustible, so when encountering fire, it will not become the medium of fire spread, which can block the spread of fire to a certain extent and create time for people to escape.

What are the applications of fireproof sealants?

According to different applications, it mainly includes the following aspects: residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and other places.

Fireproof sealant for construction has both the basic bonding and sealing properties of the sealant, and the excellent flame retardant and fire resistance properties. It is mainly used in curtain wall engineering, door and window glass installation, hotels, hotels, theaters and other public places, etc.

Antas 176 fire stop silicone sealant is specially designed for building fire retardant requirements, FV-0 grade, Tensile displacement capacity is more than 20HM.

Antas 178 is an elastic fireproof sealant specially designed for building fire protection. It has excellent fire resistance, FV-0 grade, and has a fire resistance age of up to 3 hours (under 1000℃). Tensile displacement capacity is more than 20HM

As a product widely used in people's construction life, silicone sealant has received special attention from people. At the same time, with the development and improvement of science and technology, silicone sealant will have more promising performance, let us look forward to it together.
Jointas R&D, manufactures and distributes high-performance silicone sealant since 1989 to provide innovative solutions to consumers.
Construction silicone sealants and solutions are found in all aspects of construction, transportation, infrastructure and industrial applications, and are relevant to our daily lives. If you need silicone sealants in your project, welcome to get free consult.

How to choose high-quality fireproof sealant?
Fireproof sealant is a kind of sealant that is frequently used in daily engineering construction. Almost all house construction and commercial renovation projects need to use fire proof sealant.
So, in the face of such a large amount of fireproof sealant, what criteria should the constructor choose high-quality fire rated sealant according to when purchasing? What are some practical industry recommendations for reference?

1. Focus on fire stop and fire proof performance
The most obvious feature of fireproof sealant is its excellent fire retardant and fireproof performance.
Any construction part that uses fireproof materials will be sealed with fireproof sealant. Therefore, when purchasing a fire barrier sealant, the first thing to consider is whether the fireproof performance of the product can stand the test of quality. (We will make a video about how to test the quality of fire proof silicone sealant in May, so follow us)

2. Pay attention to the sealing effect
When the fireproof sealant exerts its performance, it needs to rely on good sealing performance to reflect its fireproof performance. Therefore, when selecting fire rated silicone sealant, it is necessary to choose a brand to ensure its excellent sealing performance.
This requires the construction party to pay attention to its professionalism when selecting the silicone sealant brands. Antas brand have been TOP 3 silicone sealant brand in last 15 years in China, cooperating with Top real estate /construction/curtain wall/ windows and doors companies like Vanke, Poly, Country Garden, CSCEC, Jangho curtain walls, China South Glass , Kibing Group and so on.

3. Focus on curing time
In the actual use process of fireproof sealant, it needs a period of curing time.
Generally speaking, the curing time of good quality fireproof sealant is about 4 hours. If the curing time is too long, it will often affect the progress of the project. And may also affect the final fire protection effect and sealing effect.

4. Focus on tensile displacement capacity (20HM-25HM)
In order to achieve good flame retardant and fire resistance performance, fire retardant sealant needs to add more flame retardant and fire-retardant fillers, which will affect the mechanical properties of the fireproof caulk.

In short, when we buy fireproof sealants, we should try our best to cooperate with professional manufacturer, so as to ensure the quality of our projects and play a key fireproof effect. Although fireproof sealant is ‘small’, it is a "life-saving treasure" at critical moments. Many friends who despise fireproof sealant must pay attention to it. For safety, use fire-resistant sealant in some wall gaps during decoration, which can greatly improve the safety of the fire-proof system.