How to choose silicone sealant

10 / 10 / 2021

How to choose silicone sealant
Silicone sealant has been used in various fields as one of the most important sealing materials, and with the development of society, its application has become more and more extensive, so there are more and more manufacturers, and there are many varieties. The good and the bad are uneven, and even worse, it is shoddy, reducing the net content, etc. to take various measures to obtain the maximum benefit. This has caused great troubles for our users. The lighter loses money, and the severer causes serious quality accident Endangering safety, according to customer feedback and some of the problems we know, we will put forward some solutions and suggestions for your reference.
Some consumers report that the prices of products from different manufacturers and different brands are very different, so they buy more cheaper products, so how to choose the products they need is the most cost-effective? In fact, it is very simple to say, it is what we often say to determine the "price ratio" of the product. Here we have a few purchase tips for your reference only:
First, we should choose the most suitable grade product according to the actual application requirements of our project. If you use sealant only for general or temporary bonding and sealing, such as shops and warehouses with low requirements and grades For decoration, you can choose products with lower quality grades; on the contrary, if your building decoration projects are of high standards and high requirements, such as high-end shopping malls, hotel glass curtain walls, aquariums and other structures or non-structural adhesive assembly, then You should choose a sealant product with good quality and high grade, and its market price is also the highest. In this way, the cost of decoration can be controlled by choosing different grades of products. But we still want to draw your attention to the fact that good quality glass glue is not a "universal glue", and there are also substrates that are incompatible or poorly compatible with it. Therefore, we have repeatedly emphasized that users should Before use, test the compatibility and adhesion of the sealant with the substrate. You must determine the applicability of the product yourself, and you can only construct after confirming that it is qualified.
Second, choose the net content and price ratio of the sealant product. At present, many silicone rubber products on the market have moisture content. Many manufacturers have made a big fuss on the packaging. The normal packaging is 300ml per bottle. Packing 280ml, or less 260ml, 250ml, it is naturally cheap from the price of each, but the measurement is insufficient. In addition, the packaging tube is made 5-10mm shorter than the normal tube, or the tail thickness is the same as that of the normal tube, and the deeper it goes in, the thicker it is, or the sealing and plugging is made 10mm longer than the normal. The measurement is reduced, and the price is relatively lower. But the volume is similar in appearance. Generally, silicone rubber products with a thin bottle and sufficient net content are the most cost-effective.
The third is to choose a brand and choose products from a reputable and guaranteed manufacturer.