What are the functions of silicone sealant for chargers?

10 / 10 / 2021

What are the functions of silicone sealant for chargers?
The charger uses silicone sealant in the manufacturing process, and the silicone sealant used is generally one-component silicone sealant. Silicone sealants are usually divided into two-component and one-component. One-component silicone sealants are easy to use and have the function of bonding and fixing. Two-component silicone sealants need to be mixed in a certain proportion before use. , Then what are the functions of the charger silicone sealant?
1. The use of silicone sealant can play the role of bonding electrical components. Because some chargers are used outdoors, the use of silicone sealant for potting can also play a good waterproof and moisture-proof role. It can protect the internal components of the charger and prevent water from entering and short-circuiting certain internal components to ensure To improve the reliability of the charger;
2. Because the silicone sealant has certain elasticity after curing, it will make the charger product have a certain shock and drop performance during use, and will not cause a certain component in the charger to fall off, even if there is a slight The charger is not easy to be damaged if it is dropped or bumped;
3. The field of chargers is wide, and general chargers can use silicone sealant. Silicone sealant used in chargers also has a certain temperature resistance, even under the alternation of cold and heat, it will not affect the inherent properties. , Which can guarantee the normal operation of the charger;
4. Nowadays, the quality requirements for electrical appliances or chargers are very high, especially when they are in use, they must have a certain degree of insulation performance, so that they can guarantee good performance. The silicone waterproof sealant can meet this requirement. After curing, it has good insulation properties, and also has certain flame retardant properties and thermal conductivity.