Structural Sealant | What is the difference between sealant and structural adhesive?

22 / 11 / 2022

Structural Sealant | What is the difference between sealant and structural adhesive?
1. Different functions: structural adhesives are used for reinforcement, bonding, repairing, etc. of components; while sealants are used to fill gaps and also play a role in sealing.

2. The production principle is different: the main component of the structural adhesive is hydroxyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane, which is easy to squeeze out and use under temperature conditions; the sealant is made of natural rubber or resin as the main material. These fillers such as talcum powder and asbestos are made by adding some curing agents.

3. The characteristics are different: the structural adhesive has high strength, and it is very convenient to construct, and the bonding surface is relatively evenly distributed; the sealant has no requirements for strength, its weather resistance is relatively good, it will not crack, and its elasticity is also very good.

What should be paid attention to when using structural sealant?

1. Before use, the surface of the substrate must be cleaned, so as not to affect its sealing effect. If there are some unevenness or deformation on its base material surface, the base material surface can only be processed after repairing, so as to ensure the flatness of the material surface.

2. When applying glue, it is necessary to select a suitable construction method and tool according to the object to be pasted. If you are only applying a small amount of sealant, you can apply it with a brush. If it is applied with a relatively large amount, it can be sprayed with a spray gun and other tools, so as to achieve a better application effect.

3. When smearing, it must be applied evenly, otherwise the coating will be uneven after curing, and there may be some gaps, easy for water to enter, and some dirt will be hidden. The bonding effect has a certain influence.

4. After smearing, some excess glue should be removed to ensure the aesthetics. When repairing it, be careful not to peel off the entire glue layer.

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