Vinyl silicone oil - What Is It and Where to Apply?

11 / 04 / 2022

Vinyl silicone oil - What Is It and Where to Apply?

1. What is vinyl silicone oil?

Vinyl silicone oil is a colorless and transparent liquid, with a wide viscosity range of 1-1 million cps, small temperature-viscosity coefficient, large expansion coefficient, low vapor pressure, high flash point, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, weather resistance, radiation resistance, low surface tension, High compressibility, oxidation resistance, high insulation, shear resistance, film formation, hydrophobicity, defoaming, mold release, high gloss, chemically inert, non-corrosive, and physiologically inert to other materials.

2. Use of vinyl silicone oil

Vinyl silicone oil has a reactive group vinyl, which can be used as the base polymer for addition-type silicone rubber, electronic adhesive, and adhesives with different properties.

-Vinyl silicone oil is used as the base material for the production of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV), with crosslinking agent, reinforcing agent, colorant and structure control agent.
-Vinyl silicone fluidis used to make liquid silicone rubber and is the main material for injection thermoforming silicone rubber, electronic sealant and thermally conductive adhesive.
-Vinyl terminated silicone oil reacts with various organic materials such as polyurethane and acrylic acid, and can be made into superior performance (weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, enhanced toughness, etc.) new materials (such as coatings are important raw materials for the production of various coatings and modified silicone oils).

3. Application of vinyl silicone oil

LED power supply potting material, wire anti-ultraviolet aging sheath, baby pacifier, signage glue, keyboard rebound power part, pressure cooker sealing ring, CPU heat dissipation gasket, MOS tube heat dissipation cloth.

4. What’s different between vinyl silicone oil and methyl silicone oil?

1) Vinyl silicone oil has vinyl active groups;
2) The vinyl group can undergo an addition reaction with the hydrogen group of the hydrogen-containing silicone oil;
3) Through double 24 or in the presence of platinum hydrogen, a network structure can be formed to achieve curing and stereotypes;
4) When vinyl does not participate in the reaction, it can be used as an inert silicone oil

5. Why buy vinyl silicone oil from Jointas? The advantages of jointas silicone oil

Jointas is a top brand vinyl silicone oil manufacturer in China, a listed company found in 1989.

You can buy vinyl silicone oil form Jointas for the following advantages:
1. Under the same viscosity, our vinyl silicone oil is filled with more powder and the viscosity is low.
2. Under the same viscosity, our vinyl silicone oil has better performance.
3. The required viscosity can be flexibly customized.
4. Jointas factory equipment has a certain advanced nature to ensure quality and production capacity.
5. Terminal vinyl silicone oil of Jointas has RoHS certification, REACH certification, halogen certification, electronic grade vinyl silicone oil and VOC certification

SGS Product Test Report

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