antas-166 Two Component Structural Silicone Sealant for Insulating Glass | silicone structural sealant

Packaging : A+B: 189L+19L; 19L+1.9L

antas-166 is two-component, neutral curing silicone structural sealant. It is specially designed for structural glazing in Insulating Glass, and with the advantage of high strength, high modulus, etc.. It has excellent performance of adhesion, weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance. It fully meets the requirements of structural assembly of insulating glass.
Product feature
1. Neutral curing, no pollution or corrosion on metal, coated glass and other building materials.
2. The curing speed can be adjusted, and has fast curing rate, it is suitable for continuous construction
of automatic and manual production line.
3. Excellent performance within broad temperature range. The cured sealant will not turn brittle,
hardened or cracked at -40º C. It will not turn soft or deteriorated, and will keep good strength and
flexibility at 120º C.
4. Excellent resistance to weather, UV, ozone and water.
5. Compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants and other accessory facilities of structural glazing.
Main purpose
1. Intended for the structural glazing of the secondary sealing in insulating glass.
2. Purposely designed for structural glazing of insulating glass.
Standards compliant
EN 1279-2:2018
GB/T 24266-2009
GB/T 16776-2005
Technical parameters
Number Test items Standard Ordain Measured value
1 Appearance Even, exquisite paste, No bubble, no skinning, no gel Even, exquisite paste, No bubble, no skinning, no gel
2 Applicable period, 20min, s 10 1.7
3 Hardness, Shore A 30~60 42
4 Tack free timeh 3 1.4
5 Tensile Modulus, MPa(10%) 0.15 0.20
6 Fixed adhesion Fixed 25%, no destruction No destruction
7 Heat deterioration Mass loss, % 6.0 1.6
Crackle No crackle No crackle
Powdering No powdering No powdering
8 Sag degree Horizontalmm No deformation No deformation
Verticalitymm 3 0
9 Tensile adhesion 23 Tensile strength, MPa 0.60 1.25
Damage area of bonding, % 5 0
90 Tensile strength, MPa 0.45 0.85
Damage area of bonding, % 5 1
-30 Tensile strength, MPa 0.45 2.21
Damage area of bonding, % 5 0
After water immersion Tensile strength, MPa 0.45 0.87
Damage area of bonding, % 5 2
After water & UV-radiation Tensile strength, MPa 0.45 0.58
Damage area of bonding, % 5 4
Use restrictions
antas-166 silicone structural sealant for insulating glass should not be applied:
1) the structural glazing of glass curtain wall
2) as a primary or single sealing in an insulating glass unit
3) When substrate surface temperature beyond 40º C or below 10º C.