antas-331 MS Hybrid Sealant for Window Frame

Packaging : 500ml/sausage

Antas-331 is one-component, low-modulus, room temperature curing MS hybrid sealant. It shows level 20 movement ability and low VOC property, which can be widely used for window frame, autoclaved lightweight concrete board, insulation board.
Product feature
1. Excellent extrudability, fast cure and easy to use.
2. Excellent stress relaxation and can burden 20% expansion movement.
3. Low VOC and cyanate ester free.
4. Excellent performance of aging, heat and humidity resistance.
5. Paintable on the surface, can be used for different decoration.
Main purpose
1.Sealing the gap between window frame and wall.
2.Sealing for autoclaved lightweight concrete panel, Calcium Silicate board and insulation integrity board.
3.Other sealing purpose for construction materials.
Standards compliant
Use restrictions
antas-331 should not be applied:
1. To building materials that bleed oil, plasticized or solvent, to materials such as impregnated wood, oil-based caulks, green or partially vulcanized rubber gaskets, or tapes or bituminous below-grade waterproof and asphalt-impregnated fiberboard.
2. In totally confined spaces.
3. When substrate surface temperature over 45℃ or below 5℃.
4. To wet surface.
5. On the surface contacted with food directly.
6. For structural glazing.