Types of Sealants Used in Construction

19 / 07 / 2021

Types of Sealants Used in Construction
1. How could construction sealants be classified according to chemical polymer?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of construction adhesives? And what are their usages on general standard buildings? Let’s get a quick look of common sealant polymers and their applications:

Types of construction sealants

2. What are the main differences between dealcoholized sealant and deketoxime sealant?

3. How could construction sealants be classified according to application area?

Why do we have to choose silicone structural sealant and silicone weatherproofing sealant when it comes to structural sealant and weatherproof sealant on curtain wall?
Silicone sealant not only contains organic radicals, but also have inorganic Si-O structure. This structure makes it exhibit properties of both organic and inorganic materials, especially excellent resistance to ultraviolet, heat, cold and aging. Silicone sealant can still exhibit good elasticity under low temperature (-50℃) , without cracking or embrittlement. And it is difficult to soften or degrade under high temperature (150℃) , performing stably with a wide range of temperature. Benefit from its excellent performance, silicone sealant is widely applied on curtain walls.
In our previous article structural silicone vs waether sealant, we talked about the properties and differences of them.

4. What are the differences among different types of sealants for insulating glass?

5. What are the differences between dry kisscoating AB and marble glue?

We must use dry kisscoating AB rather than marble glue on the assembly of dry-hang stone curtain wall. Our main products are sealant for door frame, acrylic sealant, exterior sealant,epoxy grout sealant, best sealant for marble, potting silicone, flexible silicone sealant, and waterbased paints etc.