Structural sealant vs weather sealant

01 / 11 / 2021

Structural sealant vs weather sealant
What is structural sealant and what is weather sealant?

Structural sealant is an anti-aging, anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion, and high-strength adhesive that can combine and connect the structures.
It has a large bearing capacity and a long service life. It is often used in building joint structural components that require relatively large bearing capacity.

Weather sealant is also called all weather sealant has a certain degree of weather resistance (anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and good toughness) and can maintain a certain degree of stability in different environments. It is used for sealing, waterproofing and UV protection, etc.
What is the difference between structural sealant and weather sealant?

1/ Different roles
The main difference is that the structural sealant is load bearing and needs to transmit the external and internal forces of the bonded material, it is used for bonding between components like glass, window frames, stone, etc.
While the weather resistant sealant does not bear the load and mainly plays a role of sealing. It is used to seal between components to achieve the purpose of waterproofing.

Note: weatherproof sealant has good adhesion which can bear a certain load even though it is not structural and cannot be considered for load transfer.

2/ Different price
The price of structural adhesive is more expensive than that of weather resistant adhesive of the same grade.
For structural adhesive not only has the performance of weather-resistant adhesive, but also has stronger bonding performance than weather-resistant adhesive.

3/ Different usages
Structural silicone: Mainly used for component reinforcement, anchoring, bonding, repairing, etc.; such as bonding steel, bonding carbon fiber, planting reinforcement, crack reinforcement, sealing, hole repair, road stud pasting, surface protection, concrete bonding.
Weatherproof silicone: Used for weather-resistant sealing of various glass curtain walls; used for weather-resistant sealing of metal (aluminum panels) and enamel curtain walls and ceiling of roof construction joints.

4/ Different properties
  • Structural silicone sealant is divided into two-component and one-component, while weatherproof silicone sealant has only one component.
  • The structural adhesive has strong tear resistance, elongation at break, and tensile strength; while the weather resistant adhesive is resistant to ultraviolet rays, snow, and acid rain.
  • The elasticity of weatherproof caulking is higher than that of structural caulking.

Structural adhesives can withstand alternating external forces, but if they are subjected to external forces for a long time, they will be displaced. Therefore, structural adhesives should not be exposed to the harsh environment of wind, sun, and rain for a long time.
The weather resistant sealant cannot withstand the alternating external force for a long time, but it can be exposed to the harsh environment of wind, sun, and rain for a long time.

Most of the structural sealant and weather sealant are curtain wall sealant and insulating glass sealantDuring the construction process, we should choose a suitable construction silicone sealant according to the construction requirements and construction environment, to avoid affecting the construction effect. Choosing the right silicone sealant and professional manufacturer will get twice the result with half the effort.

antas-193 weatherproof silicone sealant is designed for waterproof purpose for curtain wall

antas-169 silicone structural sealant is designed for structural glazing in glass curtain wall

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