Acetic cure silicone vs neutral cure silicone

08 / 10 / 2021

Acetic cure silicone vs neutral cure silicone

What is silicone sealant?

  Silicone sealant plays a role of sealing and waterproofing, which is widely used in construction and industry fields. it looks like ointment and once exposed to moisture in the air, it solidifies into a rubber-solid material. However, different types of silicone sealants have their own outstanding properties in different fields.
  According to the properties, silicone sealant can be divided into acetic silicone (acetoxy) and neutral silicone.

What is acetic silicone sealant?

  Acetic silicone sealant absorbs moisture in the air and release acetic acid gas, a pungent and sour smell during curing.

What is neutral silicone sealant?

  Neutral silicone sealant absorbs moisture in the air to release ethanol gas or ketoxime, a relatively mild odor during curing.
Note: acetic silicone and neutral silicone are odorless after cured.

What is the difference between acetic cure silicone and neutral cure silicone?

Release during cure
Smell during cure  Tack-free time Compatibility with building material  Application   Limited 
Acetic silicone acetic acid a very sour pungent smell 20mins  has a certain corrosion to some materials, such as the use of metal or some alkaline material will have corrosion or related chemical reactions  Aluminum alloy doors and windows    
glass sealing
Bathroom sealing
Aquarium sealing
mirror, cerement, metal, stone, coated or laminated glass or other easily being corroded surface
Neutral silicone  Ethanol / ketoxime odorless / slight smell 30mins  won't corrode the most of building material including metal windows and doors
glass and mirror
interior and exterior wall caulking seal
aquarium installation and sealing / cannot be used for items made of mercury, copper, silver
  1. Smell - Acetic cure silicone smells but neutral cure silicone doesn't. Acetoxy silicone will release a very sour pungent smell (acetic acid smell odor) in the curing process. Many people mistakenly thinks that acid taste is a harmful gas and is not environmental friendly, in fact, acetoxy cure silicone is non-toxic and harmless while neutral silicone is odorless during cure
  2. Curing time - Acetic cure silicone is curing faster than neutral sealant. Acetic cure silicone sealant tack-free time normally takes 20 minutes. While neutral cure silicone sealant tack free time is 30 minutes
  3. Adhesive - Acetic cure silicone have stronger adhesive than natural cure silicone
  4. Use - Acetoxy sealant has corrosive but neutral sealant does not. Acetoxy sealant has a certain corrosion to some materials. Applicable materials are limited, such as the use of metal or some alkaline material will have corrosion or related chemical reactions. While neutral sealant is not corrosive to metal materials, the scope of application is widely. Neutral cure sealant usually used in mirror sealing edge so neutral sealant also called mirror silicone.
  5. Color – The transparent of acid silicone is clear than neutral cure silicone
  6. Price - The price of acetic glass silicone is cheaper than neutral sealant                                                                                                           

So how to choose the silicone sealants?

  From Above, we know that acidic transparency silicone is clearer than that of neutral, and it can also be used for long-term soaking in water. So acetoxy silicone is mostly used in places where have high requirements for the waterproof and bonding performance like aquarium, glass fish tanks and other water-holding ornamental containers.
Antas-186 clear aquarium silicone sealant (acetoxy silicone sealant) is designed for windows, doors, glass, aquariums

  It is best to use acid glass glue in places where strong adhesion is required, such as wooden doors, gateways, wardrobes, and skirtings
However, acid glue cannot be used for coated glass and laminated glass.

  The neutral cure silicone is odorless and non-corrosive to the materials, so it is the most widely used in interior decoration. It is divided into anti-mold sealant, weather-resistant sealant, stone sealant, pipe sealant etc.,
  Different silicone sealants are suitable for different occasions, such as anti mould sealant for wet places like kitchen and bathroom, weatherproof silicone sealant for windows etc.
Metal ceilings, shower rooms, and mirrors should choose anti-mildew neutral cure silicone sealant, hoods, stoves, windows should choose weather-resistant neutral silicone sealants.
  Whether it is acetic sealant or neutral sealant, compatibility test must be done before use insure that won’t peel off or corrosion to the material.

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