Expert Solution for the Newly Repaired Joint Sealant Has Been Torn, Cracked and Deformed

16 / 05 / 2023

Expert Solution for the Newly Repaired Joint Sealant Has Been Torn, Cracked and Deformed
What would you do if your newly repaired joint sealant of building has been torn, cracked and deformed? Here we will share a example of sealant failure and provide expert solution for it, check and learn with me.

Recently, we got an email inquiry about the solution of building joint sealant problems after applying, it’s saying ‘’the newly repaired joint sealant has been torn, cracked and deformed (mostly in skylight and less in the 2 domes) and this has deeply affected its watertightness.’’

After checking the photos they sent, we know that this was caused by the wrong use of sealant by the customer, let's take a look at the picture sent by the customer.

From this picture, the joint between sealant and aluminum came from the adhesion failure. It shows that the sealant has poor adhesion with the material, which led to the peeling off.

Form this, the wrinkle came from the poor weatherproof ability of the sealant, which may be vulnerable to the sunshine and UV irradiation.

For those 2 Images, the cracks from the middle shows the sealant have a poor flexibility and movement level. so that it can not bear the compression and extension from the substrate materials (aluminum, glass), which caused by temperature changing.

Form those 2 images, normally the painting can not be used to cover the sealant to get a decoration, due to the bad adhesion between painting material and silicone material. Better to use a customized sealant to get the correct color.

Based on the above analysis, the customer is looking for silicone sealant for outdoor aluminum and skylight, but they did not choose a sealant with UV protection, and did not consider the flexibility and displacement capacity of the sealant, and did not consider whether the sealant can be painted. Here is a point to emphasize, silicone sealants are not paintable. 

After preliminary analysis, our expert technique support team replied as a professional solution as below
The way to repair it is
1. Clean the old sealant and clean the joint with ethanol or acetone.
2. Then use a dry cloth to wipe again.
3. Use a certified weatherproof sealant with at least level 35 of the movement.
We hereby recommend our antas-193 silicone weatherproof sealant for your exterior wall and skylight sealing. It is certified by both ASTM and CE testing.

The reason why we posted this article is to give you some guidance about how to choose the right silicone sealant. When purchasing silicone sealants, what should you pay attention to in order to save time, effort and money?
First of all, be sure to specify where the sealant will be used when purchasing, and purchase the corresponding product; if you are not sure, you must confirm with the sealant manufacturer or dealer the specific location to use the sealant like what material you want to bond, and what is the main substrate and what color of it? Is it indoors or outdoors use? Do you need paint the sealant after caulking or not?

Secondly, choose brand silicone sealants like antas sealant. Although the sealant is small, it cannot be ignored and cannot be greedy for cheap. Unfortunately, most customers still prefer to buy cheaper silicone sealants, but they don't know that the use of low-cost sealant not only affects the quality and service life of the project, but more importantly, it is very easy to cause rework, delay the construction period, and even cause liability accidents. A low-grade glass sealant of the same weight can be several times cheaper than brand glass sealant, but the viscosity and tensile force of brand silicone sealants are 3-20 times stronger than low-grade silicone sealant, and the service life is 10-50 times longer.
Choosing the right sealant brand can achieve once and for all. We are Guangzhou Jointas Chemical Co., Ltd, a professional sealant manufacturer with over 33 years of experience.

Finally, understand the different properties of silicone sealants. Silicone sealants are divided into weather-resistant silicone sealant and structural sealant, neutral silicone sealant, acetoxy silicone sealant, etc. I put the those articles here, and you can learn about it if you need it.
Some contractors bought silicone sealant without knowing the performance of the product. which led to various problems in the process of use, and had to rework; it is best to combine the TDS of the sealant with the product instruction manual so that the correct silicone sealant can be selected and the long-term sealing and waterproof effect can be achieved.

When there is a problem with the sealant used in your engineering project, please contact your merchant as soon as possible to consult an effective solution.

Professional sealant manufacturers or sealant distributors generally will provide after-sales technical service departments, like We, JOINTAS a professional construction sealant manufacturer, has set up a expert technical service department for our customers to provide our customers with free guidance and support before and after sales.

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