Bathroom Sealant Factory

Bathroom Sealant Factory

The sealant applied in the bathroom should have higher requirements, because it should deal with mold and fungi (blackening the surface), so this kind of sealant needs to add bactericide
Therefore, it is particularly important to apply sanitary sealant when sealing the floor and corner tile gaps in the bathroom, the back of the pool and the pool on the bathroom cabinet desktop. Sanitary grade silicone adhesive, which can be adjusted to an appropriate angle during use.

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Pre-sales Support

Pre-sales Support

1. Design consultation 2. Drawing review 3. Sealant recommendation 4. Substrate experiment: compatibility test, adhesion test, pollution test 5. Solution (sealant seam decoration)

In-sales Support

In-sales Support

1. Construction training 2. Process supervision 3. Special treatment 4. Rubber cutting spot check

After-sales Support

After-sales Support

1. Issuing quality assurance documents 2. Project return visits

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Jointas Chemical is listed company specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of Eco-friendly silicone sealant, thermal paste and water based paints&coatings founded in 1989, China.

We Provide acrylic sealant,anti corrosion coatings, silicone adhesive, construction sealant, silicone caulk, house paint, interior paint, insulating glass sealant, industrial paint, gutter sealant, gap filler, grout sealant, construction adhesive bathroom sealant, waterborne coatings, water-based coating for steel structure,silicone structural, silicone sealant, ms sealant, pu sealant, pu foam, polyurethane sealant, anti corrosion paint, weather sealant, If you feel interested in them ,You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.

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Bathroom sealant | say goodbye to mildew

Waterproof, anti-seepage, durable sealing, inhibiting mold, more comfortable at home, good sealing performance, better protecting the environment, and making the home environment as clean as new,

Bathroom sealant | sanitary facilities

The faucet and shower head are connected from the opening of the wall to the water supply pipe behind the wall. The hole will be slightly larger than the actual water pipe, and the surface will be covered with a cover plate to achieve a beautiful effect. Generally, there is a waterproof layer inside the cover plate to prevent water flowing down the wall from entering the hole. After a long time, this waterproof layer may fail. You need to fill it around the cover plate in time.

Scope of application of bathroom sealant

It is applicable to sanitary equipment, kitchen equipment and other places that need to be sealed. It is suitable for waterproof sealing of general building materials, including glass, aluminum profile, masonry, ceramics and most building materials

Bathroom sealant | bathtub

The gap between the bathtub and the wall and the ground needs to be sealed with 100% silicone glass glue. If the wall is a plastic plate, it is also necessary to use glass glue between the plastic plate and the plastic plate, and between the plastic plate and the bathtub. It can not be ignored that the gap between the bathtub and the ground also needs to be sealed.

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The sealant has a fine texture and no bubbles, and the taste is very small. It is very convenient to use and dries very fast. The instructions are very detailed. The effect is good after using it.


The packaging of this product is very good, very strict, and the design is very scientific.


The product I bought is really good. The other ones I bought before have a lot of particles in it. They are not smooth to the touch. I don’t know how to use it, and the beauty stitches I bought make it. I really don’t have to say.


The effect is very good! The smell is very small, almost no smell during construction.


The quality is very good. I made it at home by myself. It's okay. The effect is good. The quality is indeed better than the price bought in other stores.


The smell is very small, the gel is translucent, it is smooth to use, and it dries quickly. The anti-mildew effect needs time to test.

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Shower sealant or bath sealant are both types of sanitary silicone which offers protection from water entry in high condensation and wet areas.

Apply moisture proof silicone caulk to seal the gaps between surfaces in your bathroom and prevent leakage. Use it any place two surfaces join together. Here are just a few examples of how to use silicone in the bathroom: the edge of the sink, where it meets the vanity or your tile backsplash

The kind of waterproof paint used depends on where it is being used and how much moisture it must sustain. Inside the shower a fully waterproof paint is recommended. We do recommend water-resistant paint in the bathroom as it could prevent in the end mould by not allowing the walls to get damp.

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