What is weather sealant

What is weather sealant

WWeather sealant is a sealant that has undergone artificial accelerated weathering tests and has no obvious changes in various physical and chemical properties. 

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Pre-sales Support

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In-sales Support

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After-sales Support

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Displacement ability of weather sealant

The main function of weathering glue is to seal the indirect seams of the plates. As the plates are often affected by temperature changes and deformation of the main structure, they will be displaced, resulting in changes in the width of the joints. This requires the weather resistant adhesive to have a good ability to withstand the displacement of the joint, and it will not crack when the joint width changes for a long time. This performance is called the displacement capacity of the weather resistant adhesive, and the "displacement bearing capacity" of the structural adhesive. different

Weather sealant characteristics

1. After curing, the weather sealant has the characteristics of not easy to aging, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and it is not easy to crack even if it bears the joint width for a long time.

2. There are two kinds of weather-resistant sealants, one-component and two-component. One-component products will react as long as they contact water in the air. The operation is simple. After curing, it can form an elastic colloid with good shock resistance.

3. The weather-resistant sealant will not release volatiles and pollution during the use stage, and will not crack or powder for a long time, which can meet various requirements for outdoor sealants.

Technical indicators of silicone weathering sealant

Among the main technical indicators of silicone weathering sealant, the construction performance is characterized by sag, extrudability, and surface drying time, and the performance of the cured weathering sealant is mainly displacement ability and mass loss rate. The quality loss rate of weathering adhesive is equivalent to the thermal weight loss of structural adhesives. It mainly investigates the performance changes of weathering adhesive after long-term use. The higher the quality loss rate, the more serious the performance degradation after long-term use.

Application range of weatherproof sealant

1. Suitable for weather-resistant sealing of various curtain walls, especially recommended for weather-resistant sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum-plastic panel curtain walls, and stone dry hanging;
2. Sealing the joints between metal, glass, aluminum, ceramic tiles, plexiglass, and coated glass;
3. Seam sealing on the surface of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum and painted aluminum.

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The sealant has a fine texture and no bubbles, and the taste is very small. It is very convenient to use and dries very fast. The instructions are very detailed. The effect is good after using it.


The packaging of this product is very good, very strict, and the design is very scientific.


The product I bought is really good. The other ones I bought before have a lot of particles in it. They are not smooth to the touch. I don’t know how to use it, and the beauty stitches I bought make it. I really don’t have to say.


The effect is very good! The smell is very small, almost no smell during construction.


The quality is very good. I made it at home by myself. It's okay. The effect is good. The quality is indeed better than the price bought in other stores.


The smell is very small, the gel is translucent, it is smooth to use, and it dries quickly. The anti-mildew effect needs time to test.

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Use Jointas Chemical weather sealant to protect the exterior of the building from humid weather, extreme temperatures, damaging ultraviolet rays and air intrusion. Jointas Chemical weather sealant products add excellent weather resistance, durability and adhesion to your project.

Silicone weather sealant is a general term for silicone sealants used to seal the indirect seams of curtain wall panels. Silicone sealants used for sealing doors and windows, airports, highways, other roads, bridges, etc. are comparable in performance and function to silicone weathering The sealant is basically the same. It can be used in conjunction with the actual glue joint structure according to the performance index of the weathering glue.

The formula ingredients and chemical principles are the same, and there is no essential difference. Weather-resistant glue should be called weather-resistant sealant, which is a kind of sealant. In addition to weather-resistant adhesives, there are anti-mold adhesives, stone adhesives, structural adhesives, and so on. In fact, their basic ingredients are almost the same, but they have been adjusted appropriately or added some additives according to the needs of the characteristics.

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