Introduction of gap filler

Introduction of gap filler

The sealant has strong adhesion, small shrinkage, strong color fixation, flexibility to prevent cracks, good decorative texture, pressure resistance, wear resistance, and mold resistance. It can perfectly repair cracks or damage on the floor surface. The surface can also be painted with good water resistance. The caulking agent is rich in colors and can be formulated by yourself, so it is more and more popular with customers. In order to achieve good results, you must pay attention to it when using it.

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Pre-sales Support

Pre-sales Support

1. Design consultation 2. Drawing review 3. Sealant recommendation 4. Substrate experiment: compatibility test, adhesion test, pollution test 5. Solution (sealant seam decoration)

In-sales Support

In-sales Support

1. Construction training 2. Process supervision 3. Special treatment 4. Rubber cutting spot check

After-sales Support

After-sales Support

1. Issuing quality assurance documents 2. Project return visits

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Construction technology of gap filler

1. The crevices should be clean and free of debris and water. For tiles with high water absorption, the crevices can be moistened in advance.
2. Clean the gaps that need to be filled so that they are free of dust, debris and water.
3. The depth of the gap should not be less than 0.6cm or brick height.
4. For ceramic tiles with too large pores, they should be facing protection before caulking, so as not to affect or contaminate the brick surface, or use a special jointing knife for caulking.
5. Stir the color waterproof and mildew-proof grout at the ratio of 3.3~3.5:1 (powder: water) into a paste-free paste, let it stand for 3~5 minutes and then stir for 1~2 minutes before use .
6. Using a rubber caulking knife or a soft scraper, press the mixed color waterproof and mildew-proof caulking agent into the gap along the diagonal of the brick to fill the gap and scrape away the excess. The construction time is 1 to 2 hours.
7. After the caulk is completely cured in 24 hours, remove the remaining stains with water or a special cleaning agent.

Cautions for gap filler

1. The powder and water ratio of the grout is slightly different depending on the width of the brick gap and the dryness of the environment. The narrow gap can be relatively thinner. The width of the brick gap should be 1.5~5mm (when using coarse sand grout, The width of the brick gap is 2~13mm).
2. Do not use acidic cleaners to clean the caulked tiles.
3. It cannot be constructed outside of 5-40℃ and under rainy conditions.
4. Special joint sealants such as neutral glue should be used at the expansion joints.
5. During the construction, try not to have too thick joint filler remaining on the brick surface, so as not to be difficult to clean after bonding.
6. Avoid pressing, scratching and raining on the jointed tiles and jointing agent within 24 hours.
7. After the construction of the black caulking agent, clean the base surface with a dry cloth as soon as possible (within 10 minutes). Wait for 24 hours to dry, then clean the remaining stains with water to avoid whitening of the caulk.
8. Expansion joints should be left during large-area construction. 5-6 hours after construction, it needs to be cured once, and after 24 hours, it needs to be cured for the second time.
9. The product is corrosive and should avoid contact with eyes. If it accidentally gets into it, rinse it with plenty of water immediately. In severe cases, it should be sent to the hospital immediately.

Routine construction of gap filler

1. Jinshi caulking agent can be applied seven days after cement paving (applicable after two days for tile adhesive paving), the construction temperature should not be lower than 0 degrees.
2. First, the surface of the mosaic or stone and the joints must be cleaned up. It is easy to wet the surface with a damp cloth, but do not leave water, so as to reduce the small holes on the mosaic from inhaling paint and cement, and ensure its coloring and finality. Degree of condensation.
3. To help control the color and reduce chalking, wipe the surface with a cotton cloth or a clean dry towel within 1-2 hours.
4. In the first 72 hours, care must be taken to prevent the sealant from drying (especially the construction surface exposed to the sun). At this time, natural kraft paper can be used to cover the construction surface (it is better not to replace it with plastic cloth or newspaper) to prevent Other construction work soiled the newly completed joints. It can be moisturized by spraying water 2-3 times in the outdoor caulking.

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What users say about JOINTAS

The sealant has a fine texture and no bubbles, and the taste is very small. It is very convenient to use and dries very fast. The instructions are very detailed. The effect is good after using it.


The packaging of this product is very good, very strict, and the design is very scientific.


The product I bought is really good. The other ones I bought before have a lot of particles in it. They are not smooth to the touch. I don’t know how to use it, and the beauty stitches I bought make it. I really don’t have to say.


The effect is very good! The smell is very small, almost no smell during construction.


The quality is very good. I made it at home by myself. It's okay. The effect is good. The quality is indeed better than the price bought in other stores.


The smell is very small, the gel is translucent, it is smooth to use, and it dries quickly. The anti-mildew effect needs time to test.

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Tile grout has good adhesion and shrinkage. Strong color, good crack resistance, pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and antibacterial properties. It can also repair ground cracks, and due to its characteristics, it is easy to paint and has good water resistance. In order to achieve the best results, pay attention to construction. After the tiles are completed, start construction as soon as possible. Do not use any acid cleaners to clean the floor tiles. Don't build in water. It is forbidden to mix other non-designated materials, especially beautiful grout. This is a substitute product, please do not mix it. After a few years, the grout will turn yellow and black. Even if there is a good caulk, it is recommended that you choose a special grout. This is the difference between caulk and beautifier.

Generally speaking, after 24 hours, the tile grout can dry, harden, and adhere to the joints of the bricks like cement. Observe if the ground is wet, if the ground is wet, it won't be able to dry.

The bathroom is an area that pays great attention to waterproofing. Many people choose to use tiles for waterproof protection. There is the possibility of water seepage in the tile gaps, so waterproof treatment should be done when filling the gaps to avoid the leakage of water in the tile gaps, which may cause damp and mildew.

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