What is waterborne coatings

What is waterborne coatings

Waterborne coatings use water as solvent to disperse resins, therefore making these systems easy to apply and eco-friendly. In general, waterborne coatings contain at least 80% water with small quantities of other solvents, including glycol ethers.

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Pre-sales Support

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Disadvantages of water-based coatings

Water-based coatings have high requirements on the cleanliness of the construction process and the surface of the material. Due to the large surface tension of water, the dirt is likely to cause shrinkage holes in the coating film. .
Water-based coatings are highly corrosive to coating equipment, and require the use of anti-corrosion linings or stainless steel materials, resulting in high equipment costs.
  Baking water-based coatings have stricter requirements on construction environmental conditions (temperature, humidity).
The latent heat of evaporation of water-based paint water is large, and the baking energy consumption is large.
The water-based paint has the problem of poor water resistance, which makes the stability of the paint and the bath liquid poor, and the water resistance of the coating film is poor.

What kind of water-based architectural coatings are there?

1: According to the ingredients, it can be divided into water-based latex paint and water-based epoxy floor paint.
2: According to the use part, it can be divided into water-based wall paint and water-based floor paint
3: According to the coating structure, it can be divided into water-based thin-coating coatings, water-based thick-coating coatings, and water-based composite coatings.

Advantages of water-based coatings

Water-based coatings use water as a solvent, which saves a lot of resources; water-based coatings eliminate the risk of fire during construction and reduce atmospheric pollution; water-based coatings only use a small amount of low-toxic alcohol ether organic solvents, which improves the operating environment conditions.
Water-based coatings can be applied directly on wet surfaces and in humid environments; water-based coatings have good adaptability to material surfaces and strong coating adhesion. Water-based paint application greatly reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents.

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The sealant has a fine texture and no bubbles, and the taste is very small. It is very convenient to use and dries very fast. The instructions are very detailed. The effect is good after using it.


The packaging of this product is very good, very strict, and the design is very scientific.


The product I bought is really good. The other ones I bought before have a lot of particles in it. They are not smooth to the touch. I don’t know how to use it, and the beauty stitches I bought make it. I really don’t have to say.


The effect is very good! The smell is very small, almost no smell during construction.


The quality is very good. I made it at home by myself. It's okay. The effect is good. The quality is indeed better than the price bought in other stores.


The smell is very small, the gel is translucent, it is smooth to use, and it dries quickly. The anti-mildew effect needs time to test.

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Water-based coatings, often acrylic, are made up of various percentage chemical components dispersed in water. The binder is an acrylic or polyurethane resin emulsified or dispersed in water.

STAIN-PROOF® Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer, formerly known as STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE™, is a premium water-based sealing technology designed to seal a range of stone and masonry surfaces, including granite, travertine, limestone and marble.

To make these kinds of water-based adhesives, water is mixed with the polymers polyvinyl acetate (PVA) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) to produce a bright white liquid mixture.

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